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Ukulele Info.  

Ray Shakeshaft's essential ukulele site. Lots of information

including useful chord charts and downloads

Ukulele Shops  
Highly Strung Good advice and good value.  Whether you want a 25 starter uke or a more expensive high quality instrument, visit the web site or call Nigel (01235 762000)
Southern Ukulele Store

Great selection of instruments at reasonable prices.  Click the link, or phone Paul who will give you friendly, helpful advice (01202 399019)

Ukulele Makers  
Glyph Ukuleles Finest custom-made ukuleles by Dave Means 
Kepasa Ukuleles Take a look at Kevin's lovely 'Madeira' ukulele 
Ukiyo Ukuleles

See Marc's great version of the classic 1920's 'Vita Uke'

Doug Reina

See Doug's great paintings - including 'Hula Girl' featured on the cover of our 'Painting The Clouds With Sunshine' CD